Populations surveyed

General population surveys

These are often impracticable when the aim is to detect anorexia nervosa, a relatively uncommon disorder. Surveys of primary care populations

A useful compromise is that of surveying populations of patients who consult their general practitioners. A Netherlands study was successful because a large population was surveyed (over 150 000) and the general practitioners themselves, after suitable training, were responsible for making the diagnoses. (ü»

Populations thought to be more at risk

Surveys of ballet and modelling students were conducted because it was thought likely that there would be a high prevalence of anorexia nervosa among them as a result of pressures exerted to sustain a slim figure in keeping with their professional image. (1, ,13>

Populations of adolescent schoolgirls have also been surveyed as their susceptibility might be raised by virtue of their age, sex, and the frequency of dieting among the school population/1. I5) The most thorough survey of 15-year-old school-children was that conducted in Göteborg, Sweden.(16)

Surveys based on case registers and hospital records

Data have been obtained on patients referred to inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services, (1Z18) or with the addition of patients who had consulted paediatricians, general medical services, or gynaecologists.(l, 20)

Breaking Bulimia

Breaking Bulimia

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