Plates for Chapter 414

Plate 12 Regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) measured using SPECT with exametazine (left) and the xenon-133 inhalation method (right) in a 54-year-old female with clinical signs of FTD. The variation of regional cerebral blood flow is measured with xenon-133, above (red) or below (green) the average flow level, as indicated by the colour code. The patient showed the first signs of personality change, and stereotypy of speech and behaviour at the age of 48 years. EEG was normal, and CT and MRI showed slight frontal cortical atrophy. The regional cerebral blood flow measurement with xenon-133 showed a normal average flow level and marked bilateral, frontal flow decreases. The SPECT scan showed a severe perfusion deficit in the frontal and anterior cingulate cortex. (Courtesy of Department of Neurophysiology, University Hospital, Lund, Sweden.)

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