Planning and providing mental health services for a community

Graham Thornicroft and Michele Tansella


A conceptual framework for. planning, and providing ..mentalhealth services Qefinjng.keyterms

Advantages and disadvantages of the...local. com.munity..level. for planning Seven . steps . from. . planning. . to . practice

Establishing ..the service. principles

Setting.. theboundaryconditions Assessing ..populatignneeds Assessing ..current .provision

Formulating.. .a.strategic plan.. for .a.. local ..system.. .ol.m.e.nia!.. health, . services implementing.the .seryiiice.i components.. at ..the.. local. . leve'

Monitoring..and.i review.. cycle Conclusions

Pianning..the.transition...from..asylu .care

M,en,tal...h,ealthl .as.. .a..hiydiraulMic..system

Chapter References

Break Free From Passive Aggression

Break Free From Passive Aggression

This guide is meant to be of use for anyone who is keen on developing a better understanding of PAB, to help/support concerned people to discover various methods for helping others, also, to serve passive aggressive people as a tool for self-help.

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