Patterns of use epidemiology adverse effects and specific issues concerning treatment for nicotine dependence

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Martin Jarvis Introduction

Patternspf, smoking, preyalenceworldwide Smoking, aslacausel, ofde.ath Diseases, causedllbyllsmoking

Smoking,,, in pregnancy

Cigarette ,smokingland.llnic.ot.ine dependence Brain neurochemistry

Animal, s.e.||-.a.dminiStratiPP


Regulation.,, of llb.lloodlllnic.otin.el intake,, from, different, tobacco llproducts,and from cigarettes,„de!^ies.ll(titration)

Acquisition of,, nicotine,, i.nlhial.atip.nll ,in,lln,ov.i.c,e,l,s,m,o,!ke,r?

Nicotine, withdrawalllsyndrome

The,,, smoking,, careerinpatterns of, uptakejllmalntenanceilland.,, cessation, ofsmoking Recruitment, loLyo„u„nfllp,eoplllellio, llClsaretfe.llSm.oking

Adult smoking,:, disadvantage and dependence

Treatments llto,, promote,, cessation Brief, , ad.v.ic.el, from, , healthnprolessionals Nicotine, replacement, therapy N,on„-n.icotins.llPharm.acolPngi.calll,t.reatms„n.t.s

Chapter, References

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