Child and adolescent psychiatry

9.1 General issues

9.1.1 ..Deye|ppmental.psych0Pathpl.0gy..and.l ÇlaS.SlËCMl.0E.!n.l .chi!dh.o.od..„an.d... adolescence Stephen Scott

9.1.2..The..influence . of family,. .School, and ..the.environment Barbara Maughan

9.1.3 .Ep.jdemiologiy..of. psychiatric. . disorder. . in. . .c.h.i.ldËo.od..„an.d..l adolescence

David R. Offord

9.1.4 ..Assessment .aln.d..„a.d!o!eS.Ç.e..n.î..l psychiatry Adrian Angold

9.1.5..Preyention of..mentai...disprder..innch|! issues

Peter Hill

9.2 Clinical syndromes

9.2.1 ..Specific.l deyelopmenta! .and..adp!escence Helmut Remschmidt

9.2.2 Autism., and the. .pervasive, deyelopmenta! ..disorders

Fred R. Volkmar and Ami Klin

9.2.3 ..Attentipn-deficitll and hyperkinetic.l,rs.l .in. . .ch.i,!d.hp.o.d. .!es.ce.n.ce

Russell Schachar and Abel Ickowicz

9.2.4 .Conductdisordersjn, childhood.andadolescence Stephen Scott

9.2.5 .Emotional., .disprders., onset., In...chi!.d.hood

Ian Goodyer

9.2.6 ..Qbsessiye-comP.M.!.S.i.V.e., and tics„ chlldrenandadolescents Martine F. Flament and Nadia Chabane

9.2.7 ..Neuropsychiatric.l disprders James C. Harris

9.2.8 ..sleep,i,ng,,,.l eating, ..a.n.d...e.!,i.o.n.l .i„n...ea,r!,y.l childhppd

Jo Douglas

9.2.9 ..S!e.ep...di, .chi! .adolescents

Gregory Stores

9;2.10.Suicid.e.and..attempted...suicide, .inchijdren andadolescents David Shaffer, Cynthia R. Pfeffer, and Jennifer Gutstein

9.2.11...Speech...and.language..disorders..of chi! .p.s.ych.0.Í0gica.l..m..u.ti.s.m Israel Kolvin


Richard Green

9.3 Situations affecting child mental health

9.3.1 ..Child .abuseandll neglect David P.H. Jones

9.3.2!ationship.l .between.! .physicaL and. ..m.enta.l..hea.!th .in.chi!dren .andadplescents

Julia Gledhill and M. Elena Garralda

9.3.3 ..The.effec.ts.l on,a!..l he.a.lth...ofl .a.d.opti, .care

June Thoburn

9.3.4 ..Effects.l pfparental .physica! illness .on. .c.h.i!|opment

Jacqueline Barnes and Alan Stein

9.3.5 ..The. effec.ts.l pf...berea.yement.lin ildh ood

Dora Black

9.4 Forensic issues

9.4.1 ..Juvenile ..delinquency.. .and ..serious .anti.s.o.c,i.a!

Susan Bailey

Anne E. Thompson and John B. Pearce

9.5 Treatment methods for children and adolescents

9.5.1 ..Cpunse.lling.l and. .Esychpths„ children

John B. Pearce

9.5.2 ..Child. .psychoanalysis Peter Fonagy and Mary Target

9.5.3 cpgnitiye-behayipuLtherapM^ Richard Harrington

9.5.4 ..Interyentions.l .for..parents...and..lfami,!ies:.l!pRm.enta.!..p.sycho.pathpíçtive Philip A. Fisher and Elizabeth A. Stormshak

9.5.5 ..M.e.dic.atipn.l for ..childrenl and. .adolescents

Christopher Gillberg

9.5.6 ..Residential care.l for ..spcia!lrea.s.on.s

Ian Sinclair and Ian Gibbs

9.5.7 „seryic.esn .andadplescents

Anula Nikapota

9.5.8 .adplescent.„psych.i,atri,c.l .emergencies

Ernest S.L. Luk

9.5.9 ..The.chil.d.l .psychiatrist ..cpnsult,an,t..t0.l .sc,hp0ls..and,..lc0.lleges Derek Steinberg

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