The psychiatry of old agt

8.1 The biology of ageing Alan H. Bittles

G. Clare Wenger

8.3... Ihe .aqeinq.popu.lation.and, theepidemiology" .theelderly,nt,,o,f .mental. ..disorder. , in, , .oMeLBatieMs., ,.a.n.d„,.o,f,, .the...ire.atm.ent,,n.e.e.d.s. .off, patients, and, , ,t.hei,r , , carers

Robin Jacoby

8.5 Special features of clinical syndromes in the elderly

James Lindesay

8.5.2 ..Substançe..use..disprders..inl eMerlyjßeople Roland Atkinson

8.5.3 ..Schizophrenia. ..ain.,d...paranpid... disorders..

Robert Howard

8.5.4 ..Mopd...dlsorders..ln .the..elderly Robert Baldwin

8.5.5 ..S,tress-related,.anx|ety,and.l. obSieSS.lOna.l.. . disorders. . .in. .elderly..people James Lindesay

8.5.6 ..Personality ..disorders Suzanne Holroyd

8.5.7 ..Suicide ..and..deliberate. self-harm.. ln...elderly..p.eop|e Robin Jacoby

8.5.8 Sex in old age John Kellett

8.6... Specialfeatures .of psychiatrlC...treat.ment..for.l theelderly Catherine Oppenheimer

8.7...Ihe. organization.. .and..provision..of. services for the elderly Deirdre Johnston and Burton V. Reifler

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