Social psychiatry and service provision

7.1... Pubjic..policy. .andenyironmental ..issues Rachel Jenkins

7.2... Service.. needs.of ind.iyiduals..and..populations William R. Breakey

7.3... Cultural, ..differences.. i.n...pat.h.w3,ys.„,...Servlce ..use,.. and ..outcome Jim van Os and Kwame McKenzie

7.4... Primary. .preyentionof mental. .disorders

J.M. Bertolote

7.5... Planning. .and.proyiding.mentai b.ealth...seryice,s...foL

Graham Thornicroft and Michele Tansella

7.6.. Evaluation..ofpsychiatric services

Michele Tansella and Graham Thornicroft

7.7, Economic analysis pfpsychiatric services Martin Knapp and Daniel Chisholm

David Goldberg, Anthony Mann, and André Tylee

7.9... The. .ro.le.of .advocacy^self-help,.. and. .carer.. groups, .and ..voluntary ..organizations

Laurie M. Flynn

7.10 Special problems

7JM.Ih.e... specialpsychiatric.. problems.. ofrefugees

Richard F. Mollica

7;io.2...Mental.heajth..seirvicesl mentally.. ill. .people Tom K.J. Craig .fo£ethnjc.m]norities Rosemarie Mallett and Tom K.J. Craig

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