Treatment methods in psychiatry

Introduction The Editors

6.1 The integration of treatment

6.1.1 The eyaluation of physical treatment

B..!.!.!i Cl.inical.ii trials, , and, , the, , regulation. , „ofidrugs

Paul Leber

Clive Adams

6.1..2 iiTheieyaluationofi ,psycho]].„t.reatment Paul Crits-Christoph and Madeline Gladis

6.1..3 Placebo,, effects nand,i,oth£r „non-specific factors Frederic M. Quitkin

6.2 Somatic treatments

6.2.1 ,GeneiralnMprinnci.plesM ofdrugL therapy J.K. Aronson

6.2.2 Anxiolytics,, and „hypnotics Malcolm Lader

6.2.3 „Antidepressants

George R. Heninger

6.2.4 „Npn:antncpnyuisant„stabi|nze^rs:,,l iiandiiik-tvpeiicalcium^-ch.annel „blockers Robert M. Post

6.2.5 Antipsychotic and anticholinergic drugs Herbert Y. Meltzer

6.2.6 ,Antiepnl.eptic,,drugs

Christopher M. Palmer and Harrison G. Pope Jr

6.2.7 Druas,i,for„c.ogn.ntiiye,i idisorders Leslie Iversen

6.2.8 „Drugs,, used„inthe,treatmentof the, addictions Fergus D. Law and David J. Nutt

6.2.9 Other somatic treatments

B.2.9,!,l cpnyunsive„t.hlerapv,Min.l ,„ce.n.twrv

Max Fink

6,2,9,2, Phototherapy

P.J. Cowen

6...2..9.3H .Neurosurgery ,for„ps,vc,hiatri„c idisprders

Andrea L. Malizia

6.3 Psychological treatments

Mike Hobbs and Diana Sanders

6.3.2 Cognitiye-behayiour therapy

B..3.2,1,l Cognitnye-behaynpuri therapy „fpr„an,x.ietv „disorders

David M. Clark

6,3,2,2, Cognitnye-behaynouri therapy „for„eating „disorders

Christopher G. Fairburn

B,3,2,3,l Cognitnye-behaynouri therapy „for„depre.ssiye,i ,

Melanie J.V. Fennell

.6,?,2,4,l Cosnit.iy.e-be.h.ayiour therapy for„schizo.phrenna Max Birchwood and Elizabeth Spencer

6,3,3„ psychoth.erapy,ifori depression,,, and,, ,ot..h.e.r,i disorders

John C. Markowitz and Myrna M. Weissman

6,3,4„Brief,i ind.iyi.dual ,psycho.dynamicpsyc.h.otherapy

Robert J. Ursano and Amy M. Ursano

6,?,5,„Psychpana!ysls„,a.nd other, long-term,, dynamic psychotherapies Peter Fonagy

6,3,6i„Group„methods„in ,a.d.ul.t„ps.ychiatrv Malcolm Pines and John Schlapobersky

6.,3,LPsv.chotherapvM with,, couples Michael Crowe

6.,3,8,„Famnlv„therapv Sidney Bloch and Edwin Harari

6,3,9„Therapeutic,i communities David Kennard

6.4 Treatment by other professions

6,4,1 „Behabinitat.i.on„techn.ique.s W.Rössler

Kevin Gournay

6.4.3 Social .workapproachesto.mentajhealth work^ British andM North American trends Shulamit Ramon

6.5. Traditional, .non-Western| to.psychiatry Wolfgang G. Jilek

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