Psychiatry and medicine

^.lHistoricaiand. „.c.o,!„ in „psychiatry „and.medicine

Rodolfo Fahrer

5.2 Somatoform disorders and other causes of medically unexplained symptoms

5.2.1, „somatoform, „disorders „„and„„m®d!caJ,ly„„Mn®xplaln®.d„„s.ym.ptpms

Richard Mayou

5.2.2 „Epidemiplpgypf „spmat.oform„„d„isorde,rs.n and. other .ca.u.s,es.„of, „,n.e.d.n medical symptoms Gregory Simon

5.2.3 „Som3.tiza.tj0n„, disorder and- „related.disprders Per Fink

5.2.4 „„ Harold Merskey

5.2.5 ..Hypochondriasis

Russell Noyes Jr

5.2.6 ..Pain ..disorder Sidney Benjamin

5.2.7 Chronic., fatigue .syndrome Michael Sharpe and Simon Wessely

Katharine A. Phillips

5.2.9„Eactitipus.dlsordeLand malingering Christopher Bass and David Gill

5.3 Medical and surgical conditions and treatments associated with psychiatric disorder

5.3.1 ..A,dj,u.stme.nts...t.o., .iilnessihaMicap,,,, .and ,,,bereavement

Alex Mitchell and Allan House

5.3.2 „Psychiatric „aspeçts„pf „n.e.ur.0!0gica!n disease Maria A. Ron

5.3.4 „„Medjçal„„c.pndjtions„„asspciat.ed „with„, ps.yc.hiatric.disprder James R. Rundell and Michael G. Wise

J.L. Ayuso-Mateos

5.3.6 „Psych.i.a.tri.Cn „aspectsof surgery „(inc!„„transplantatioin) Gary Rodin and Susan Abbey

5.3.7 „Psychi.atri.Cn „aspectsof cancer Marjaneh Rouhani and Jimmie C. Holland

5.3.8 Psychiatric aspects of accidents, burns, and other trauma Ulrik Fredrik Malt

5.4„ o,bstet.ric„„„and.n gynaec.ologica!„çonditions.„„assoc.i.ated.n with.psycMa.triç „disorder Ian Brockington

5.5. Heaithscreening, programmes

Katharine Rimes and Paul Salkovskis

5.6. Treatmentpi „psycihlatric.„„disorders„„in medically „ i!!, „patients „ „inclu.dingL themanagement „pfemergencies

Thomas Herzog, Barbara Stein, and Lutz Frölich

5.7,i Healthipsvchology

John Weinmann and Keith J. Petrie

5,8, The organization, ,of, , psychiatrici seryices. ,ÎoLgeneraIh,o.spital,i departments Frits J. Huyse

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