Clinical syndromes of adult psychiatry

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4.1 Delirium, dementia, amnesic, and other cognitive disorders

4.1.1 ..Introduction, .tocogniMve „disorders Demetrio Barcia


Richard Mayou and David Gill

4.1.3 ..Dementia:.. .Alzheimer's .disease Simon Lovestone

4.1.4 ...Frontotemporal ..dementias

Lars Gustafson

4.1.5 ..Prion ..disease John Collinge

4.1.6 Lewy body dementia I.G. McKeith

4.1.7 .Dementia .in.Park.inson's .disease R.H.S. Mindham

4.1.8 .Dementia ..dueM .H.untinflto.n.'S...disease Susan Folstein

4.1.9 ..Vasculardementia Timo Erkinjuntti ..HIV ..disease Mario Maj

4.1.11.Ihe. neuropsychiatryof „headlnjury Simon Fleminger

4..1.:.12...A.lco.hol:induced..dementia .(a.|co.hol:induced..c.ognitilye. .impairment)

Jane Marshall


Michael D. Kopelman

4.1,14,,Ihe management ofdementia Simon Fleminger

4.2 Substance use disorders

4.2.1 .Pharmacological.and. fisychologicaljspectsofdrugsof abuse David J. Nutt and Fergus D. Law

4.2.2 Alcohol use disorders

Juan C. Negrete,Alcohol, dependence,, and alcohol, problems Jane Marshall

4..2.2.3.. Alcoho! andpsYchlatric.. and! „disorders

Karl F. Mann Ireatmentof ..a.lC.P.h.P! dependence Jonathan Chick

4;2.2.5.m Services. .foralcohol ..,u.s.e.„

D. Colin Drummond

4;2.2.6.mPre vention ..of alcohol-related problems

Robin Room

4.2.3 Other substance use disorders

4.2.3...1..Mroductipntp..substance use ..disorders Philip Robson Opiates:.. heroin, ..methadone,.and buprenorphine Adam R. Winstock and John Strang

4..2.3..3. Disorders. relating

Nicholas Seivewright Disorders. relating!idin.e..,and., .hallucinogens Henry David Abraham,, Misuseof benzodiazepines Michael Farrell and Sarah Welch, Disorders, relating,o.f ..e.cst.asy.,., .other.. 'party. .dru.fls'.,

Adam R. Winstock

4..2.3..7. Disorders. .relating the. . . use. . o.f . . vo,!ati!e. . substances

Richard Ives The mental health effects of cannabis use Wayne Hall Patterns,. pfuse, ,.e,Pi,d.e,m.i.p,!o.q,Y,,,,a,d,ve,rs.e, .effects, .and ..s,peci!!£.issuss..,con£e^£n.Lfpr,

Martin Jarvis

4.2.4 ..Assessing ..need... and. .organizing. services.

John Marsden and John Strang

4.3 Schizophrenia and acute transient psychotic disorders

4.3.1 ..Schizophrenia:.. aconceP—l .hlstorv German E. Berrios

4.3.2 ..Descriptive. .clinica!.. .schizophrenia Peter F. Liddle

4.3.3 NeuropsYchological features of schizophrenia The. .clinical.. .ne.u.r.oPs.Y.Ch,P!pgY.M ofschlzPPhrenia Anthony S. David Diagnosis,. .Class.ifi.C.atipn,..and...di.fferenti.a!.. diagnosis. pfschizophrenia Anthony S. David

4.3.4 ..Epi.demip! .schizophrenia

Assen Jablensky

4.3.5 AetiologY Genetic .and..enyi,ronmen,tal. ..ris,k...fac,tors,. .fo.Lsch.izop.hre.nia

R.M. Murray and D.J. Castle The. .neurobiPlogY..

Paul J. Harrison

4.3.6 ..Course. .and..outcpme..of .schizophrenia... and.. their. .prediction

Assen Jablensky

4.3.7 ..Treatment. and,ia D.G. Cunningham Owens and E.C. Johnstone

4.3.8 ..Schizoaffectiye. .and..schizotypal ..disorders

Ming T. Tsuang, William S. Stone, and Stephen V. Faraone

4.3.9 ..Acuteand

4.4... Persistentdeluslpnal ...a.nd..d.lsord.ers

Alistair Munro

4.5 Mood disorders

4.5.1 and ..historical. .review. ofmpod. .disorders Frederick K. Goodwin and S. Nassir Ghaemi

4.5.2 Clinical features of mood disorders and mania

Per Bech

4.5.3. Diaqnpsis^ classification, and differential ..diagnpsisof the mood disorders Gordon Parker

4.5.4 ...ipid.em.ioiogy.of ..m.o.o.d...d,i.s.o,rd,e.r?

Peter R. Joyce

4.5.5 Aetiplpgy

4;5:5.1l Genetic landspclalll .aetlplpgypfl nm.POdlMdisord,Ërs

D. Souery, S. Blairy, and J. Mendlewicz

4;5.5,2.ll Neurpblplpglcal lae.tÎO!o.g.Vll .O.fllmPP.dllld.! Guy Goodwin

4.5.6 lCpurse MalnldllProgn.os,îlSll lOfllmopdll dlsprders Jules Angst

4.5.7 pfllmpo.d.ll disprders E.S. Paykel and J. Scott

4.5.8 lDysthymla,il c.V,clpthVm!iia,, nandlllrs.lla.tedn shrsnlc. ls.u.bth,reshpld.n ffippd. „disprders

Hagop S. Akiskal

4.6 Stress-related and adjustment disorders

4.6.1 Acute.stress.reactions

Anke Ehlers and Allison G. Harvey

4.6.2 lPpst-traumatlÇllStress ldlsPrder

Anke Ehlers

4.6.3 llReçoveredllmempr|eSll and llfals.e.llme—rles Chris R. Brewin

4.6.4 llAdjustmentlldiSPrders

James J. Strain, Jeffrey Newcorn, and Angela Cartagena-Rochas

4.7 Anxiety dlsprders

4.7.1 lGenera|lIzedllanx|etVllldîlSorde^s David A. Spiegel and David H. Barlow

David M. Fresco, Brigette A. Erwin, Richard G. Heimberg, and Cynthia L. Turk

4.7.3 llP.aûî.Çllld.lSPrdeLandMagpraphPbia

James C. Ballenger

4..8l Gbsess|ve-ÇOmPMl.Sivelldisorder

Iulian Iancu, Pinhas N. Dannon, and Joseph Zohar

4.9lll Deperspnalizatipn lld.iSO,td.e.r K.W. de Pauw

4.10 Disprders pf eating

4.iQ.i..Anprexiai nervosa

Gerald Russell

4..1.0.2llBu.limia.l.nervpsa Christopher G. Fairburn

Albert Stunkard and Thomas A. Wadden

4.11 Sexuality, gender identity, and their disorders

4.11.1lllNPrmal llSexual llfunctipn

R.J. Levin

4.11.2lllThel sexualll d.VS.f.unçtÎP.ns

Stanley E. Althof and Patricia Schreiner-Engel

4.11..3lllThelll paraphilias

Gene G. Abel and Candice A. Osborn

4.11.4..Gender.Ídentityiidiisprder adults Richard Green

4.12 Perspnality dîsprders

4.12.1llllntrpduçtlpn nton pe.fSPn,a!itVllld,îlS.orde^s Juan López-Ibor

4..1.2.2llGe.nera!ll ç!|nîlCa!lldesçrÎPtion lPf pe,rspnaI|tV,lldiSO^dSrs Armand W. Loranger|f|c.l types lPflPersona!|tVlldisprder Jose Luis Carrasco and Dusica Lecic-Tosevski

4.12.4lllDIagnos|Sl and lÇlasslflçatlpn lPfllPersonna!ityl„diSP^d,ers James Reich and Giovanni de Girolamo

4.12.5lllEp|demilP!ogVllPflPersona!itVll dlsprders Giovanni de Girolamo and Patrizia Dotto

4.12.6llAetippathPflenesiSllPfllPerspn,a!itVl disprdersl j(fromL geneSntp. l,blîlO,d,eYe,lPp,m,e,nt,a,!lProç.e.s, Adolf Tobeña

4..1.2.7...M.anagement pfpersonality. disorder Peter Tyrer and Kate Davidson

4.13 Habit and impulse control disorders

4J3.lllImpulS.ell Çpntro!lldisprders

Susan L. McElroy, Lesley M. Arnold, and DeAnna A. Beckman

4.13.2lllTrichPtil.lPmania Gary Christenson

4..13.3lllSpeçîla!lPsv.chiat^îCl p.rob!em.Sll relatinffll ltpgambüing

Emanuel Moran

4.14 Sleep-wake disorders

4.;14i1.Jntroductioni to, sleep-wake,, disorders Gregory Stores

Colin A. Espie

Michel Billiard

Carlos H. Schenck and Mark W. Mahowald

^^^Psychiatric „s!eep-wake„disorders Ruth M. Benca

4..14j.6„„„Medica|„„ disorders

Sudhansu Chokroverty

4.15 Suicide

4^15.1„„„Epjdemi.o!ogy„nandn „causes.o.f „suicide

Jouko K. Lonnqvist

4,.i,5.2...Attempted..suiçide, .anddeHberate,, s.eli:ha^, risk, .factors

A.J.F.M. Kerkhof and E. Arensman

4..15.3„„„Bi.plogi.c.a! „ suicida! „behaviour Lawrence Amsel and J. John Mann

4J5.4„„Treatmie,nt of.suicideattempters.and „prevention of„sMi,Cid,e„„„ítempíed.suicide Keith Hawton

4..!6.„ Culturally „reJatedsyndromes Wolfgang G. Jilek

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