Psychodynamic contributions to psychiatry y

3.1.l The .historical,e.n.t.of.l dynamic. .psychiatry

Anthony Storr

3.2.. ESYC.h.0.a.n.alYS,ilS.;...EIe^^ c.0n.tem.p0rarY..deyelopment

Otto F. Kernberg

3.3 Other psychodynamic schools

3.3.1 ..AnalYtical.lpsyc.holofly.l (Jung)

Anthony Storr

3.3.2 ..Object.relations, ..attachment theory,...self:psyc.hol0fly,..and.l interperSPnal..pSYch.S3„n.a.lysis Jeremy Holmes

3.4..Existential..and.l phenomenological.l approach. t0..psychiatry Otto Doerr-Zegers

3.5..çurrent.psychodYnamic. .approaches psychiatry

Glen O. Gabbard

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