The scientific basis of psychiatric aetiology

2.1 Historical development

2.i.i HistQrica|..deve|opment., ofideas, .aetiology

German E. Berrios

Francisco Mora

2.2... statistics..and., the..des,ign., .o,f...expe,rim,e,nt,s ..a,n,d..,s,u„rve,ys

Graham Dunn

2.3 The contribution of neurosciences

2;3..i ..Neuroanatomy

R.C.A. Pearson

2.3.2 Neurodevelopment Karl Zilles

2.3.3 ..Neuroendoçr1nQl.ogy

Charles B. Nemeroff

2.3 .4 ..Neu rotransmitters., and ..second, messengers

Michael E. Newman and Bernard Lerer

2,3.5 Neuropathology

Peter Falkai and Bernhard Bogerts

2.3.6 ..Fun^cíionaJ..fiositronM.emiss.ion.l .tomog.rap, psychiatry

P.M. Grasby

2.3.7 ..Structu^ral.lmagnetlcresonance...imaging

J. Suckling and E.T. Bullmore

2.3.8 .Functional.magneticl imaging

E.T. Bullmore and J. Suckling

2.3.9..Neuronal..networks, epiiepsy^and other brain. dysfunctions John G.R. Jefferys


George Freeman Solomon 2.4 The contribution of genetics

2.4.1 ..Quantitative, genetics Anita Thapar and Peter McGuffin

Jonathan Flint

2.5 The contribution of psychological science

2.5.1 Developmental psychology throughout life Developmental psychology. through infancy, childhood, and adolescence William Yule Lifespan.. .psychology:., illustrations!$.ho.od .andold. .age Alexandra M. Freund and Ursula M. Staudinger

2.5.2 ..Memory. and .memory. disorders Barbara A. Wilson

2.5.3 ..Çontributionsoff .psychology the..unders.tanding.of .psychiatricdisorders Marcel van den Hout, Arnoud Arntz, and Harald Merckelbach

2.6 The contribution of social sciences

2.6.1 ..Medicalsociology.l and. .issues ..olastioiogy

George W. Brown

2.6.2 ..Social and ..c.ultM.ra.l..anthropology:M salience.. for .psychiatry

Arthur Kleinman

2.7. The. contribution. psychiairi,

Scott Henderson

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