Forensic psychiatry


Robert Bluglass

1.1,1., General ..prin.cip.le.s..,o.f, relating, people, with., .menial.d isorder

Michael Gunn and Kay Wheat

11,2.. psychosocial.. offending

David P. Farrington

11,3.. Associ,atlons...betw.een..psychlairi,c., disorder.. and .offending

Derek Chiswick

11.4 Special problems

.11,4,1..The.. specia|.prob!em ..of.. arson. .(fire-raising)

Herschel Prins

11,.4,,2...Assessment ..andmanagement

Robert Hale, Carine Minn, and Anne Zachary

11,4,3...Dangerousnessi ..risk,. .and..the. ..prediction of. . probability

Paul E. Mullen

.11,4,4...Fprensiç..aspeçts, ofnaicioho!.andin drug.. .disorders

Andrew Johns

11.5., The ..impact.of .crlmlnal..ylctiml.zati,o.n Gillian C. Mezey and Ian Robbins

11.6,, The ..psychiatristin., court

Adrian Grounds

1.1,7... Legal.. use. p.f..p,syc,h,i,,dn .law.. as.. an,.. instrument .of. .. psychiatric, ..practice

Nigel Eastman

1.1,8.. jreatmenLand.. ..forensic... mental. .health

Paul E. Mullen and Per Lindqvist

Robert Bluglass

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