Mental retardation learning disability

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10.1 Classification, diagnosis, psychiatric assessment, and needs assessment A.J. Holland

10.2.l Epidemiolpgyl of.menta! .retardation

Tom Fryers

1.0.3 Aetiplpgy.l .of.mental.l retardatipn:.l general issMes .a.nd,.Rreyen.ti,on

Markus Kaski

10.4.l .men.ta!retard.ation

Shoumitro Deb and Zahir Ahmed

10.5 Psychiatric and behaviour disorders among mentally retarded people

10.5.1,..Psychiatric, ,and,,,behayiour., .disorders., among...ment.a!.ly..ret.arded...chl!dren,

Bruce J. Tonge io.5.2.psychi,atric, andbehayiour, .disorders., among...mentaiiy..retarded...adui,ts

A Dosen

10,5,3...Epilepsy..,and.. epilepsy:relate.d..beh.a.yi,o.ur, .disorders..,ipn

Matti livanaien

T.P. Berney

10.7., Special., needs...of, .adolescents..and., elderly, people.with,n,tal..,re,tar,datlon Jane Hubert and Sheila Hollins

1.0,8... .Families.. with...,a ..menta.lly.reta.rded ..member and ..their..needs

Ann Gath

10.9., The .planning..and.., proyisipno.f..psyc.h.ia.tric.., services.., for, .peoplewith

Nick Bouras and Geraldine Holt

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