The subject matter of and approach to psychiatry

Kay Redfield Jamison and Richard Jed Wyatt

1.2, and, .the.,,o.f ..stigma.-, ..psychiatry,,

Anthony Clare

1.3 Psychiatry as a worldwide public health problem

1.3.1 ..Psych.i.a.try..and..h.eaJth...i.n.., low-income., populations

Leon Eisenberg

1.3.2 ..Tr.anscultu.ral, .psychiatry

Julian Leff i..4., The, .historyof .psychiatry, .as, a.., medical., specialty

Pierre Pichot

1 5.., Psychiatric...ethics:.., codes,, concepts,, ..andclinical ..practice.., skills K.W.M. Fulford and Sidney Bloch i..J... Principles ..of., mental, .health., law

Alexander McCall Smith i.7... The, .e.d.ucation...of, psychiatrists

Paul R. McHugh and Phillip R. Slavney i..?.., The, psychiatrist ..manager

Dinesh Bhugra

1.9., D.escriptiye..phenomenology

Andrew Sims, Christoph Mundt, Peter Berner, and Arnd Barocka

1.10 Assessment

±.1Q,l..Tbe.., principles, of.clinical..assessment., in ..general ..psychiatry

John E. Cooper and Margaret Oates i.i0.2...Communication., and,, .in...prima.ry... care

R.M. Epstein, F. Borrell, and M. Caterina

1.10.3 Psychological assessment

1.1Q.3.1, .Cognitive, .assessment

Graham E. Powell Behavioural and observational assessment John N. Hall i.ii Classification H. Dilling i..i2.,, .to...p.racti.c.e

John Geddes

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