Carlos H. Schenck and Mark W. Mahowald

Relevance of parasomnias to. psychiatrists Classification of parasomnias Clinical evaluation of parasomnias Causes of sleep-related injury

Non-REM sleep paraspmnias:..sleepwalkinq .and .sleep .terrors

Clinical. findings

Polysomnography findings

Association.. and psychiatric.. risk. factors Treatment

REM..sleep..behaviour disorder Mammalian. ..REM..sleep,n REM. .atonja^and.paradox.iost

Animal model.of. .REM ..sleep.'

Clinical ..andpolysomnographic, findings

Associatiion..of..REM..sleep..behayioiuir.. disordernWith..PSlychliatric. .disorders .and...stress Diagnosis.. of..REiM..slieiep..behayiour. .disorder Trs.atm.ent.. .o,f..RE,,h,,3,vio,ui .disorder

Parasomnia overlap..|ee.pwaiking/s1|eep. .te^^o,rs/RE,M...sllesp..b£h.a.vlo.u.L disorder Nocturnal .. sleep-related ..eating.. d isorders Clinicaj. . . findings


Nocturnal.. dissociative ..disorders Cjinlicaj. ..manifestations Treatment


Differential. diagnosis ..of.. dream-enacting.. .behavio.u..r.s..a.nd otherparasomnias Forensic.nguidejineS.nfor. .psychiatrists

Chapter.. .References

In all of us, even in good men, there is a lawless, wild-beast nature which peers out in sleep.

Plato, The Republic

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Breaking Bulimia

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