Panic disorder and agoraphobia

James C. Ballenger Introduction

CJ.i.n,lc.a.l...fe.aí.u.res Classification Diagnosis

Differential. ..diagnosis Med,ic,al..con,d,itipns,erai..medica!.l setting


Epidemiology Riskfactprs


Genetic.predispositipn Bio!ogica! . models

Noradre.nal.ine Serotonin q-Aminobutyric ..acid Cholecystokinin-pentaflastrin

Psychological, factors

Course andprpgnosis Treatment Introduction


Selective.. serotonin.. reuptake ..inhibitors


Tricyclic antidepressants

Mpn.pamine,.pxidase, inhibitors


Psychologica! treatments psychod,ynam|c,lPlsychotherapy

Behavipura!. treatments

Exppsure.tre.atments Coqnit!ve:behayiPM^a!,lt.h,erapy

Continuation/maintenance treatments Preventionof .recurrence Management

Managementof .the.. Mncpmpilnicatedn patient Psychologica! treatments Treatment. .o.i..cpEorbi,d„pat,ients Resistance.. tolreatment

Ethica! issues

Possibilities .fpr.preyentipn Chapter. References

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