Other causes of an amnesic syndrome

Deep midline cerebral tumours can give rise to an amnesic syndrome, {D and this may be exacerbated by surgical or irradiation treatment for pituitary tumours. Other infections, such as tuberculous meningitis or HIV, may, on occasion, give rise to an amnesic syndrome. In the very early stages, Alzheimer dementia may manifest itself as a focal amnesic syndrome/33) Surgical treatment to the temporal lobes for epilepsy can result in profound amnesia, if there is bilateral involvement. There is increasing evidence that focal lesions in the frontal lobes can also produce severe memory impairment on aspects of anterograde and retrograde memory. (20) This can occur even in the absence of basal forebrain involvement, but it probably results from particular aspects of memory being implicated, including planning and organization, source and context monitoring, and particular aspects of retrieval processes. (34)

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