Operationalized psychodynamic diagnosis

ICD-10 is an open system, which means that national or traditional systems can fit into or coexist with it, and it is possible to add annexes or complementary texts to the basic classification or indicate variations. One example of a complementary text could be the operationalized psychodynamic diagnosis ( OPD) developed by a German group comprising analytical psychotherapists and psychiatrists (Arbeitskreis OPD 1996). (56> It was felt that certain axes which could be important for diagnosis and therapy were missing from the ICD-10 texts. Therefore, as well as an ICD-10 diagnosis according to Chapter V (F), consideration is given to the subjective experience of the disorder, the conditions of treatment, relations with others, conflicts with others, and the structure of personality. The system, which requires graded ratings, could be important in many aspects of psychotherapy such as decisions about suitability for treatment and evaluation of progress and outcome.

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Break Free From Passive Aggression

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