Obsessivecompulsive disorder

lulian lancu, Pinhas N. Dannon, and Joseph Zohar Intrpductipn


Clinical „features,and diagnosis ocDand schizophrenia Differentialdiagnosi.s Course „andprognosis

Aetiology Neurotransmitters

Dopamine immunefactors

Bra.n „imaging, studies Genetics

Behavioural, factors Psychological, factors


The,, pharmacological, treatment, ofO.C.D Efficacy,, pfserotonergicversus,, adrenergic, antidepressants

Comparativestudiespf clomipramine, yersus^SSRls Otherpharmacplogicaiapproaches,, and., neurosurgery summarys! drug, treatment, 1o.lO.CP Psychological approaches Summary

Chapter, References

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