Object relations attachment theory selfpsychology and interpersonal psychoanalysis

Jeremy Holmes

From drive theory to object relations

Object relations 1: Klein, Fairbairn, and. their. .successors

Object relations 2: Balint and Winnicott

John Bowlby and attachment theory

The ego and its defences: Anna Freud, Hartmann, and Lacan

The. self,...meaning, ..and.interpersonal ..psychoanalysis: .Sullivan, .Horney,.. and. .Kohut


F.uirthe.r..rea.d.ing Chapter. .Reference?

Despite many splits and schisms, dating back to Adler and Jung's early break with Freud, there has been an enduring attempt within psychoanalysis to hold to a central psychodynamic vision and to find common ground between differing theoretical and clinical approaches. The aim of this chapter is to describe the work of some of the major figures who have extended and developed Freud's ideas, pointing to areas of both conflict and convergence, and, wherever possible, to relate their concepts to the everyday practice of psychiatry.

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