Normal sexual function

R. J. Levin Introduction

Biological determinants of normal sexual function

Sexuality as a social construct and the concept ofsexual.. scripting

Modelling normal sexual function—the sex survey

Modelling the human sexual response cycle

The EPOR model—açycle .model M.od.ifying..lhe,,EPORi .mod.eLi.n.t.o., .$h.e..,Q.EO.R...m.o.d,e'

Courtship.. (matinfl)..lbehavipur—açtlvity...lniti.ating.l normal ..sexuai.behaviour

Common. extragenital. .changes ..during. . sexual. . arousal

The... e.n.doç!.l sexual.. function Males


Male..genita! .functions.. .during. .normalsexMaiarousal Excitation

Erection:.. the..conv,ersio,n ..of.. the,..fl,a,c,, .t.h.e.„rigi.d.„ sexual. penis





Female .genitla!$i.o.ns...dM.ring..norma!l sexual .arousal External


Female.orgasm Summary

Chapter.. References

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