Neuropsychological assessment

A neuropsychological assessment is an invaluable accompaniment to the psychiatric history and examination, and good liaison with the neuropsychologist is essential. Areas of impaired performance can be documented and quantified. This is often useful as a baseline for future assessments and to guide rehabilitation.

The National Adult Reading Test, for people whose first language is English, gives a good estimate of preinjury IQ. (!.7) The present performance can then be compared with this preinjury estimate to see if there has been a drop in performance because of the head injury.

If subtle neuropsychological impairments are found, which are not obvious clinically, this suggests that the patient may have more problems when they return to work than would otherwise have been expected. On the other hand, if there is clinical evidence of underperformance, and standard neuropsychological test results are normal, then tests of executive function should be offered. fy8ยป

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