Neurobiological aetiology of mood disorders

Guy Goodwin Introduction

Neurobiology of normal emotion The neurobiology of mood disorder Vulnerabilityto. mood disorder Early,, adverse.experie—P Theneurobiology.of, ,|.ile,,,eve,n,tS

Biological , studies , of, , the , depressed , state The,, depressed.,, state:,, functional anatomy

Neuroendocrine,challenge tests

Hypercoitisollaemi? Thyroid,ab,n,ormalities s!eiepmdi,sturbanc1e MonoamineMme,tabolite,Mturnover Tryptophan „depletion

Does, ,mpodMdlsprd.eLhaye,JMtunctinona!,, neuropathology? The,,, neurob.iology.Mof treatments Conclusions Chapter, .References

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