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Once treatment has started, it is important to monitor progress continually in order to decide whether a particular treatment procedure is working or whether the case needs reformulating and new treatment procedures need to be implemented. Usually patients are asked to complete a small number of self-report questionnaires before each therapy session. Typically, these include frequency and severity ratings for the main anxiety problems (see Table d for an example), a measure of negative thoughts, and general measures of anxiety and depression (such as the Beck Anxiety Inventory (33> and the Beck Depression Inventory'2,). Tab!e...5 summarizes some of the most commonly used weekly measures. In some instances these are supplemented by more individualized diaries and ratings. More global standardized measures of symptom severity are also often administered at the beginning, middle, and end of therapy in order to provide normative data (see Table. ..5).

Table 4 Weekly social anxiety rating sheet

Table 5 Commonly used measures for monitoring progress

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