There is evidence from laboratory studies (?1) and from a bone-density screening study1) that when people are told that they are at high risk for a condition, they may 'minimize' the seriousness of the result. Ditto et al.(32> found that if subjects were led to believe that the risk factor was easily treated, the minimization effect did not occur, which is consistent with the hypothesis that minimization is a motivated process designed to reduce the perception of threat. Many researchers regard this type of minimization as an adaptive process rather than 'denial'. People with a pre-existing tendency to worry about their health may not show this minimization effect to the same degree/33

Break Free From Passive Aggression

Break Free From Passive Aggression

This guide is meant to be of use for anyone who is keen on developing a better understanding of PAB, to help/support concerned people to discover various methods for helping others, also, to serve passive aggressive people as a tool for self-help.

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