Matters of form

Before we review these fundamental issues of psychiatric education we shall first address some perennial but less crucial matters of setting, curriculum, and 'orientation' in psychiatric education. Although we will describe our own psychiatric residency programme in some detail, we hold that excellent psychiatric education can occur wherever teachers and students meet to care for patients together in a structured fashion. The programmes may be organized around principles of thought derived from any orientation—if that orientation is acknowledged, is candidly discussed between students and faculty, and demonstrably leads to progress. Setting, curriculum, and orientation are the elements, not the essence, of an educational programme.

Break Free From Passive Aggression

Break Free From Passive Aggression

This guide is meant to be of use for anyone who is keen on developing a better understanding of PAB, to help/support concerned people to discover various methods for helping others, also, to serve passive aggressive people as a tool for self-help.

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