Managing treatment Types of CBT programme

The ideal treatment plan for the child depends on the nature of the child's problems, but it can include individual work, group sessions, or both. Individual programmes are particularly useful in settings where the numbers of cases referred with a particular problem are not great enough to sustain a group. One-to-one work is often necessary with children whose problems are so severe that they may disrupt a group. Certain kinds of techniques, such as cognitive restructuring, are better carried out with the individual patient.

Group CBT programmes provide supervised practice of a number of skills, such as social problem-solving, in a peer setting. Practising skills with peers may increase the likelihood of the transfer of skills to real-world peer interactions. The group also provides a good opportunity to practise problem-solving skills with real-life dilemmas that arise in the group. This is, arguably, better than having to rely on staged situations such as role play.

Breaking Bulimia

Breaking Bulimia

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