Management of personality disorder

Peter Tyrer and Kate Davidson introductipn

Categorization and description of personality disorder evaluating.. t.he...e.fficacy.. Durationof treatment


Adherence.. to treatment

Outcome. measures

Minimum. .requirements,,, for. .establishme.n.t.., ofefficacy

Dynamicpsychotherapy Cognitiyetherapies,a!„ .therapy

Cognitivetherapy Dialectic behaviour therapy Therapeutic community . . treatments

Milieu. therapy Community..supervision


Borderline .personality.. .disorder!i,t.y, „disorders Conclusion

Summaryof .treatments..c! ..effective.!ity.„diSPrder

Psyc.hp!og¡,ca! treatments


Linkin<g...treatment.ton .,, pers.o.nality...disorder Management Consistency

Constancy Joint. working

F.u.ri.he.r..d.eyeJopmenit.$ Chapter References

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Breaking Bulimia

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