Management of opiate dependence

There are three major initial considerations in the treatment of the dependent opiate user.

1. How can the client be engaged within the service?

2. What is the aim of the intervention (abstinence or maintenance with harm minimization)?

3. What modalities should be used?

Engagement with statutory services may be through self-referral or from primary care and hospital services. Often 'street' voluntary agencies or outreach workers will be the first point of contact, and such agencies can be important sources of information, needles, and support for the opiate user. Although methadone is often seen as one of the major attractions of engaging with services, the provision of health-care screening as well as legal and social advice can also be useful facilities to offer.

Attainment of either maintenance or abstinence may be achieved using a range of pharmacological and psychosocial interventions, with the nature of prescribing and counselling determined as much by clients and their current needs as by the agency's treatment philosophy.

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