Mammalian REM sleep REM atonia and paradox lost

REM sleep in mammals involves a highly energized state of brain activity, with both tonic (i.e. continuous) and phasic (i.e. intermittent) activations occurring across a spectrum of physiological parameters/34 REM sleep has two major synonyms: 'active sleep,' because of the high level of brain activity during REM sleep, and 'paradoxical sleep,' because of the nearly complete suppression of muscle tone despite the high level of brain activity. This generalized skeletal muscle atonia ('REM atonia') is one of the three defining features of mammalian REM sleep, besides rapid eye movements and a desynchronized EEG. The loss of the customary paradox of REM sleep in REM sleep behaviour disorder bears serious clinical consequences: 'paradox lost' means loss of safe sleep.

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