Love and sexuality

Histrionic personalities are inclined to sexualize all non-sexual relations, often indiscriminately, not only with a chosen partner but also with a wide variety of persons in various social, occupational, and professional relationships. Pseudosexuality is often accompanied by frigidity. A romantic outlook or a superficially adoring attitude often disguises needs for dependency and emotional attachment to a significant protective figure. Sicker individuals may be promiscuous, and may engage in multiple perverse activities.

5 Secrets to Lasting Longer In The Bedroom

5 Secrets to Lasting Longer In The Bedroom

How to increase your staying power to extend your pleasure-and hers. There are many techniques, exercises and even devices, aids, and drugs to help you last longer in the bedroom. However, in most cases, the main reason most guys don't last long is due to what's going on in their minds, not their bodies.

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