Juvenile delinquency and serious antisocial behavioui

Susan Bailey Introduction


Ratesand, patternsof juvenilecrime

Diagnosis and classifications—bridging the gap

Moral development,., adolescence, and., criminal .responsibilities

Risk and resilience

Child-centred ..factors

FamilyJactors Context".^...'^*®^ Protective .factors Gender

Seripuls...anti1SPcia|nblehayilour ..mgrls Boyis.MandM.girls

Ps.ychiatric, ..disorder .and..antis.ocial.be.haviour Conduct ..disorder/oppositionM ..defiant..disord,er Schizophrenia Affective. . disprd.e.rs 'Prodromal'.persona.lity .disprder

Prevention.and intervention Early. .prevention ..(birth to.. 4...years)

Childhood . intervention iPiro1b!emis„wiit„hM .preyen,tilO,n,.Ma,nd,..iln,terye,n,tion„ .programmes

Ypung..peop|e., w.ilth...serilOMS..„an.tilS.ocia!.., behaviour Sys,temis.issues


Se,xu.a!!y..in.app.ro.p.riat.e ..b.e.h.a.v¡.o.u.r.., in. ..adolescents


Juvenile ..homicide


Chapter. References

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