Involvement of nongovernmental organizations and users and carers

People with mental illness, their carers, and the community are the 'customers' of the services as they can spot gaps and problems as well as comment on what is working organization can be a cost-effective way of encouraging progress.

Legislation services. Their involvement can greatly improve the planning and delivery of well. Government pump priming of the national mental health non-governmental

Each country needs a legal framework which balances the needs and requirements of professionals to treat people when they are unable to consent with the need for legal protection of the individual's rights and regulation of the circumstances in which involuntary detention and treatment can take place. (4) The government department responsible for social welfare will need to consider mental health in legislation on disability, antidiscrimination, and any welfare benefits. It needs to consider the mental as well as physical health and development of children in its care. A large proportion of people in prison have previously been in children's homes and orphanages.

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