Prominent atrophy of the medial temporal lobes on CT or magnetic resonance imaging is indicative of AD rather than DLB. (i8> Single-photon emission CT (SPECT) HMPAO imaging shows generalized reductions in cortical uptake, similar to AD. [ 123I]IBZM and [123I]FP-CIT are novel SPECT ligands that label postsynaptic D 2 receptors and the presynaptic dopamine transporter site, respectively. Both show marked changes in the caudate-to-putamen ratio in DLB, reflecting nigrostriatal dysfunction, and may prove to be sensitive and specific in the discrimination from AD and other non-Lewy body disorders. (19> Early slowing of dominant electroencephalography rhythms is characteristic of DLB, being associated in 50 per cent of cases with focal delta-wave transient activity in temporal regions. (20>

Adult Dyslexia

Adult Dyslexia

This is a comprehensive guide covering the basics of dyslexia to a wide range of diagnostic procedures and tips to help you manage with your symptoms. These tips and tricks have been used on people with dyslexia of every varying degree and with great success. People just like yourself that suffer with adult dyslexia now feel more comfortable and relaxed in social and work situations.

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