Electroconvulsive therapy (ECJ), or electroshock, is the most effective modern treatment for those with severe and persistent emotional disorders. It is safe for patients of all ages, for people with debilitating systemic illnesses, and for pregnant women. It relieves more symptoms in a briefer span of time than do psychotropic drugs. Treatments are usually given three times a week for 2 to 7 weeks. For a sustained recovery, weekly or biweekly continuation treatments are administered for several months. The duration of the treatment is similar to that of the psychotropic medications frequently used for the same conditions.

The treatment is underutilized. In some countries, its use is discouraged, indeed prohibited, in the belief that it damages the brain. In others, physicians are untutored in its use and ignore it. In yet others, it is used because psychotropic medications are too expensive, but the analogous expense for anaesthetics limits ECT use to its unmodified form.

Break Free From Passive Aggression

Break Free From Passive Aggression

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