Introduction to sleepwake disorders

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Basic.aspects. ofnorma! sleep

Thenatureof. sleep Thel,fMnctions„of .sleep Sleep.stages Sleep . architecture C¡rca.d¡an,s.leep^wake.,rhyt,hms Changes.. with.age

Psychological..effectsof sleep disturbance Sleep.distMrbance, .in.the. „!o.g.y, of. . .psyc.hi.atric. . .illness Generalaspects

Disorders.. of.sle.ep


PSM„and,„ I.C.D.. .classificationsystems internationalclassiiicatipnol Sleep ..Disorders-Revised

Sleep disorders mistaken for psychiatric conditions Detection.and. asse.ssment.Pi. sleep. disturbance Sleep. . history



Review. ofsystems

Physica! animenta!. stateexamination Videoand actigraphy Polysomnography Oiher.investi.fla.tio.ns

Treatment. .apprpachesfoL sleepdisorders Chapter. References

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