Introduction to personality disorders

Juan Lôpez-Ibor

Psychiatry and abnormal behaviours Difficulties in the study of personality .disorders

The., stigma. .disorder Dualism. .¡."„.psychopathoiogy Mod els ..of .. pe rso nality

Categorical ..models Dimensional ..models

Personality ..disorders.versys.perspnality.variant.s Biological. .substrates.^spnaiity..and.p.e^spnaiity..disprders Personality. .disorders,ior...p.syc.hliMa.tric ..disorders

Impulsivity.. and. .pe,rS,On,a,lit.y..d.iSO,r,d,e,,rS

psychplneuroendpcrinp|pgical.relsealr£h„ .in. . .personality. .disorders

Chapter.. References

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