Huntington' disease was first described in 1872 by an American physician who lived on Long Island, New York. His father and grandfather practised medicine in the same community, and thus he had access to case notes from several generations of families living in the area. This long period of record keeping allowed him to document a hereditary form of chorea, similar to 'common (Sydenham') chorea', but progressing over many years to death. Its sufferers had a tendency to insanity and suicide. Huntington' brief essay, which also included a clear description of the autosomal dominant inheritance of this disorder, remains one of the classical descriptions of a medical disorder.(1)

Adult Dyslexia

Adult Dyslexia

This is a comprehensive guide covering the basics of dyslexia to a wide range of diagnostic procedures and tips to help you manage with your symptoms. These tips and tricks have been used on people with dyslexia of every varying degree and with great success. People just like yourself that suffer with adult dyslexia now feel more comfortable and relaxed in social and work situations.

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