Integrative psychiatric diagnosis

For clinical purposes it has been proposed that more elaborate and expanded diagnostic formulations be made. (2,28)

Such diagnosis should incorporate diagnostic categories as well as the onset mechanisms of the psychopathology, biological aspects, psychological functioning, milieu characteristics, life problems, psychosocial needs, and individual strengths. Diagnostics of this sort have been called integrative diagnosis and are an attempt to adapt conventional diagnostic criteria to the complex problems of mentally retarded individuals. During the diagnostic process particular attention is paid to describing the onset mechanism of the psychopathological phenomenon by which the dynamics of different nosological factors come into scope and become more understandable to the direct carers and professional helpers. A better understanding of the processes involved in the mental illness are important to the treatment approach.

Funny Wiring Autism

Funny Wiring Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that manifests itself in early childhood and affects the functioning of the brain, primarily in the areas of social interaction and communication. Children with autism look like other children but do not play or behave like other children. They must struggle daily to cope and connect with the world around them.

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