Indirect selfdestructive behaviour

Unlike the young, some elderly people have the possibility open to them of behaving passively in such a way as to hasten death. This may happen either by refusing medical treatment essential to maintain life, or simply by declining to eat and drink—'turning one's face to the wall'. As regards the latter, many people, especially non-medical, believe that this is reasonable behaviour akin to so-called 'rational suicide', and court rulings have sanctioned it. (6) There is no doubt that there are several cases in which a person's right to refuse treatment or nutrition, for example during the terminal phase of a cancer, should and would be respected. However, Simon(6) mounted a vigorous attack on this sort of non-intervention, especially by the courts, claiming that many of such cases suffer from undiagnosed depressive illnesses. Some support for this point of view was provided by Osgood and Brant (D who sent questionnaires to more than 1000 residential and nursing home administrators in the United States in a study of self-destructive behaviour from their elderly charges. Refusing medication, food, and drink were strongly associated with depressed mood, loneliness, rejection by families, and loss, such as bereavement. It is wise, therefore, that no one should be permitted to turn his or her face to the wall before assessment for the presence of a treatable depressive disorder.

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