Indications and contraindications

Controlled trials confirm that valproate is effective in the treatment of multiple seizure types, including complex partial, simple and complex absence, generalized tonic-clonic, and myoclonic seizures.(3) Valproate is also effective in the prophylaxis of migraine headaches. At least seven controlled studies indicate efficacy in the treatment of the manic phase of bipolar disorder.^Ml 1 and 12 No controlled studies have been conducted in patients with bipolar depression. Other conditions for which valproate may sometimes be useful include pain syndromes, schizoaffective disorder, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, alcohol and sedative withdrawal syndrome, impulse control disorders, personality disorders, and behavioural and affective disturbances associated with mental retardation and dementia. (2)

Valproate is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to the drug. It should be used cautiously in patients with significant hepatic disease.

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Anxiety and Depression 101

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