Impulse control disorders

Susan L. McElroy, Lesley M. Arnold, and DeAnna A. Beckman

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Definition. , and , clinicaLfeatures

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Treatment.. .response Kleptomania

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Biological.. studies Treatment.. .response Pyromania

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Associated. .p.sychopatho.logy.. and. .comorbidity Familystudies Biological.. studies Treatment.. .response Compulsive.. buying

History. and ..clinical. description

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Treatment.. .response

Repetitive.. .self-mutilation Clinical description

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Associated.. .psychopatho.logy.. and. .comorbidity

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Psychogenic. excoriation

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Clinical description

Epidemiologyand. course

Associated .psychopatho.logy. and .comorbidity


Treatment.. .response

Conclusion Chapter. References

This chapter first reviews impulse control disorders as mental disorders, and then considers the available research on the clinical features, epidemiology, psychiatric comorbidity, biology, and treatment response of various recognized and putative impulse control disorders (except for trichotillomania and pathological gambling, which are reviewed in Chapterii4.1i3.21 and Chapter4.13.3 respectively). It is concluded that impulse control disorders are legitimate mental disorders.

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