Implementing the service components at the local level

The sixth step in planning is the implementation of the essential service components. The decisions relevant here will follow on from the previous steps, especially the identification of unmet needs at the population level. Pragmatically, it will almost always be true that planners consider that several service components are absent, weak, or inappropriately provided, and so the question arises of how to prioritize between competing components for the sequence of implementation. We suggest that there should be some provision in each category of the basic service components. If any single category is totally absent in a local area, then the planning team will need to consider whether the provision of some capacity in this missing category should be one of the highest priorities. Again it will be important to use a system-perspective so that priorities are not only conceptualized as being within the same categories as those in which the problem is identified, but are within the wider framework of the system as a whole. For example, the provision of high-staffed residential care should usually be considered for individual patients only if lesser degrees of support have proven insufficient.

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