Group methods in adult psychiatry

Malcolm Pines and John Schlapobersky


Basic methods and applications


Basic methods and their applications

ABrief histo.ry.of .group...psych.otherapy Early beginninqs


Peyelopments .between the. two. world, wars

Second.wor.ld. War


Principal... models..o.f.psychodyna.mic..gro.up.. .therapy

Structure. .processand.. content. .the.. dynamic.. elementsof. .a...qroup

The.. dynamic.. lifeof groups Group. .deyelopment..theory

The.lanquaqe ..of.. thegroup


The.. dynamics.. ofchange

Basic.. clinical ..issues,e .structure.. setting ..,and„„u„n„d.a„

Fostering.Ihe,. .rapeutic.. normsand.. .aculture ..of.. enquiry

Guidelinesfor. interyention

Groupsfor.. special..populations

Medically ..ill Chronicmentally,.. ill Borderline, ..personality.. .disorders Fgrensicgroups Trauma

Couples. .groups

Elderly. people


Research..and...eyaluation Outcome.. research

Process.. .research

Conclusion:. .planning.a. .service Chapter.. References

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