Genetic and environmental risk factors for schizophrenia

Familial-genetic .risk Adoption,StMieS Twinstudies

What. is ..the. .range ..o,f.,,in,ical .phe,not,yp,e ..transmitted? Moleculargenetics

Biological abnormalities. relatives .of.. schizophrenics

Environmental.factors Pre-. and,

Childhood riskfactors

Social .and ..geographic, Mrisk..fa,ctsrs



Drug. abuse

Risk..factors,.age..ofonset. .and ..outcome Theeiisk factor ..model


Chapter References

After many years of fruitlessly seeking a single cause for schizophrenia, sometimes sarcastically termed 'the search for the schizococcus', almost all researchers have come to the conclusion that there is no single cause.

Instead, they have concluded that, like other disorders such as ischaemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus, schizophrenia results from the cumulative effects of a number of risk factors. These may be crudely divided into the familial-genetic and the environmental.

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