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Two studies (n = 188,(5) n = 58(14>) found that men and women have generally similar clinical features, although one of these studies (5) found that women were more likely to focus on their hips and weight, pick their skin, and camouflage with make-up and have comorbid bulimia nervosa; men were more likely to be preoccupied with body build, genitals, and hair thinning, use a hat for camouflage, be unmarried, and have alcohol-abuse or dependence problems. In the other study, (1.4> women were more likely to focus on their breasts and legs, check themselves in a mirror, and use camouflage techniques and have panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and bulimia, whereas men were more likely to focus on their genitals, height, and excessive body hair, and have bipolar disorder.

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