Female orgasm

As in the male, the female orgasm creates supreme ecstatic pleasure usually accompanied by throbbing striated muscle contractions, especially of the ischiocavernous and bulbospongiosus muscles, but other pelvic striated muscles can also be involved. (29 The induction of orgasm in women by coital stimulation alone is not as frequent as that in the male, about half not achieving orgasm unless clitoral stimulation is also used. The reason for this difference is ascribed either to the greater inhibitory education about sexual pleasure experienced by women or the lack of correct genital stimulation. A major difference between males and females is that females can be multiorgasmic because they do not have a refractory period after orgasm.(2,39 There is mounting evidence that, unlike the unitary concept of the DEOR model, the erotic stimulation of different genital sites (especially the anterior vaginal wall compared with the clitoris) induces different types of orgasmic response both subjectively and physiologically.(444 4 59

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Break Free From Passive Aggression

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