Family studies

In a comparison study of the family history of psychiatric disorders (evaluated via the family history method) of first-degree relatives of 33 compulsive buyers who volunteered for a medication trial versus that of 22 comparison subjects, significantly more relatives of compulsive buyers had depression, alcoholism, or drug abuse/25 Relatives of compulsive buyers were also more likely to have any, or more than one, psychiatric disorder. Although not assessed in the comparison relatives, compulsive buying was identified in 13 (9.5 per cent) of the first-degree relatives of the compulsive buyers.

In another study, of 18 compulsive buyers evaluated with the family history method, 17 (94 per cent) had at least one first-degree relative with a mood disorder, 11 (61 per cent) a substance use disorder, three (17 per cent) an anxiety disorder, and three (17 per cent) (two of whom were sisters) compulsive buying. (24>

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