In the 1960s and 1970s, there was a sharp increase in the numbers of people treated in hospitals in Europe, the United States, and Australia because of intentional overdoses or self-injury. In the 1980s several studies showed a stabilization. (4,5) In the early 1990s these numbers increased further in some regions.(6) The absolute number of persons treated for attempted suicide in general hospitals, however, does not adequately reflect the size of the problem. These numbers should be calculated against the size and the characteristics of the population in the areas that are being served by the hospitals. Furthermore, in some countries suicide-attempt patients are treated by general practitioners when there is no need for hospital admission. In many instances simple emergency attendance for overdosing is not even registered. There are no national registrations that reliably monitor trends in attempted suicide treated in general hospitals. Studies on attempted suicide concern the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia. Few studies originate from other parts of the world.

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